" PATIENCE ", the 2nd single released !

AR experience

2nd single from "Struggling" released on 5th Oct 2013 ! You can check the official promotion video here and studio accoustic live here.

Song information and stop playing function implemented !

AR experience

2nd June, I announce that the AR content for the album struggling has a new feature. Now you can stop playing songs while playing and see what song is playing by looking at an information display on the right. You can experience this by using an AR browser "junaio". More information about "junaio" is below.

Get junaio free, get full-length samples free !

AR experience

Today, I announce that the album struggling has a new feature. When you download an AR browser "junaio", you can listen to all songs in the album freely on junaio browser. After installing junaio, start the app and scan the cover image of struggling, you can see eleven buttons on the image. You can tap buttons to play songs in full-length with standard sound quality. If you print out the cover image, you can listen to every songs with your smart phones or tablet devices on the go whenever you want to.
Junaio is availiable for iOS and Android. You can download junaio here free of charge.

New Single [ Shell ] released on 11th Feb 2013 !

Shell Cover Artwork

You can check an official music video here on Youtube.

Album cover artwork completed on 29th Dec 2012 !

Struggling Cover Artwork

From now on, you can download songs with artwork.

Whom already have puarchased a new album [ Struggling ], you can download an artwork in full size here.
The cover artwork is made entirely in Blender, an open source 3DCG full functional package, one of the greatest open source graphic application software in the world. The artwork was Beautifully rendered with an unbiased renderer Cycles and composited in Blender node editor.

2nd Album [ Struggling ] released Today !

On 16th Dec 2012,

after 3 years of recording,

at last,

2nd Album called [ Struggling ] was just released today !

You can purchase full album with 11 songs altogether from now on.

Album cover artwork is on the way. When it will be ready, you can download

an image file after purchasing.

1st Album was re-released on 28th Oct 2012 !

After ten years of silence, Newday Newlife has just re-released their

first album calld [ New day, New life ], originally released on January

2002 from my own label.

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